My lovely memories in SIBS


"Get up time to school "

This means that it is the beginning of the day for our kids.

And Sure thing, I hope that they can have a great day in school.

So a year ago i have told them it like this until now.

Like all common mothers, I always try to make them happy to start the day right

And I think we have been good relatively.


"How was your day at school?"

Then when we meet after school I also say it like that.

Yes, I am always very curious and worried about our kids school life.

What is his teacher like? How is he in friendship? What is wrong with him today?

How is his study attitude? Does he have a good lunch? And how is his learning ability in school? Etc.

But my sons both mainly show me just big smile . "Yes, thanks sons"

but luckily all my questions get solved soon.


" Mom, my teacher said ..." , " mom, in my school is....","mom my friends said.."

My sons talk quite often to me like this during our conversation.

"Really? Do you think like that as your teacher? How about your idea? How did your act that time?" So we have a conversation about something in that way and then They answer me and I often realize, when my sons think about something, my sons in his mind are already with their own teachers and friends. And I can think they have a good community in school And also assume that they are sometimes happy, sometimes unhappy though but they are making a wonderful things with their people in own life for sure.


And I must say that I have three impressive memories in SIBS till now


First, A few months ago i had an beautiful experience in school. That day in visiting school was drizzling. When I and other moms wandered on the green track of the schoolyard at lunchtime. we saw that some children included my son hoped ,walked and splashed with their bare foot in the light rain. Yes, at first I was worried about catching a cold or what a wet and mess. But this was just my own non free idea.

They looked so happy and I could see his whole freedom just like a scene in the film and then I still have this fantastic scene in my heart.


On the other hand, I also have passionate and intense moments.

At the last year My son was one of an SIBS football team. There was a interscholastic football game in the second-half.

Our team wearing red uniforms written SIBS took the lead in each games and proudly won the first prize. That day I saw the great passion of our kids about their goal and the competing with their best. I could find out potential power of our children in SIBS.

And also I still can remember and feel the pride of that day now.

Yes, so my sons dream was to be a good football player.


The last, my second child was the youngest student at school in the last year and he is still the second youngest now. Of course I always am worried about him a lot. So I often have tried to participate in school events.

When I went to the school field trip, I could see his teacher and her students playing and talking around her happily. Of course, she also had a lot more comfortable and free and easy all smiles from her students. And then I thought Ok, that is all! What more do they want?

Yes, sometimes I cant conceal my envy in their school life.


Well, read this story and can you imagine these beautiful scenes like me? Can you think about your children?

If so, I suppose that Im one of the lucky ones!


People often ask my sons, " where is your school?" Then they say aloud " SIBS"


Yes, that is your school!



The last three years at SIBS have flown by quickly.  My name is Ben and I am in the fourth grade.  I arrived in Beijing about three years ago and came to SIBS for my schooling.  My family and I will be moving back to Singapore next week and as I write this letter, I am sad to say goodbye to my friends and school. I will miss Beijing because of the seasons, SIBS but most of all my friends.


First, I enjoy the changing of the seasons in Beijing. There is snow here whereas there is no snow in Singapore.  This means you are able to enjoy a white holiday season or have a chance to go skiing. While in Singapore, it is always hot and you do not feel or see the seasons change. I will miss the different seasons in Beijing.


Next, I will miss my school.  My school is Springboard International Bilingual School or SIBS for short. It is a wonderful school and I have made many friends here. I have a nice homeroom teacher. His name is Mr. Gary Dimitratos. This year we have learned to sing many Beatles songs, interesting writing techniques and group activities. School is important and SIBS was a good stepping-stone for my growth. Thanks SIBS.


Lastly, this year we learned the Beatles song, get by with a little help from my friends, and that is what I will miss most leaving SIBS, my friends. The friends I have met at SIBS have become important to me.  At school I play football during lunch and recess with them. We play fun games like Pictionary and charades during inside play. My friends span different grades and cultures and they always support me.  I have these friends over on the weekends for sleepovers. The sleepovers have allowed us to become better friends and get to know each other. This weekend they are all coming over for a farewell party at my familys apartment.  I have met great people at SIBS who have become my friends. I will miss you all.


In all, living in Beijing has been a positive experience for my family and I.  I will miss the seasons, SIBS and most of all my friends.  Thanks for the memories everyone.


----Ben Wei, G4 student



My three children are in their second year at SIBS. I like the family atmosphere and sense of community that SIBS has. My children look forward to going to school each day and love to share about what they are learning. We are grateful for the teachers and staff who love our children and care for them in so many ways.


----Nate, father of G1 student








Everyweek school send SIBS summaryto parents,it is very unfamiliar but exciting.We can see every classmate and the principal in it. A class teacher sends me a e-mail at least once a week. School always lets parents know whats going on school and I discovered the schools eager to communicate with parents passionately .I think the principal has a good view of education, as treating children indivisually and respectfully.Its thankful. Even though when I heard that the class teacher tried to buy an air purifier for his class children,it moved me. That was not a usual international teachers image.   If he doesnt love students,it cannot be possible.If I have some question, whatever it is, Ms. Eileen tries to help and solve them. Because I have difficulty in Engilsh, I always appreciate her. More and more, Im sure that our children are loved ,cared and educated preciously. I expect  SIBSll be growing in the future.


----From G1 daniel’s Mom


My lovely memories in SIBS


mom,I woke up.It’s time to go school~~


This is his first word when he wakes up by himself every day. I worried If he goes to school, how can he wake up , but he made me surprised.


In the past months,his school life has had plenty of variety activities,that made me surprised and happy. Until now inside and outside school activities could give him a lot of experience and dreams through not only English, Chinese, Math but also Art,PE,Music activities ,my child can take precious and proud experiences.


And everything in school lets my kids know about between rules, trust, teamwork, pride. He showed great progress between friends,teachers,parents.


And above all things,June always says to me." Mom~I like school very much.


As a mom,as a parent,I think this is as good as it gets.


We are getting more and more "sibs we are number one.


----From June’Mom




I think school is small but so it can help my children have good relationships with friends and teachers. Also, we can learn both English and Chinese easily. It is very smooth to communicate with school and parents.


----Mom of Grace G2 and Sumin G1




Two of my kids go to SIBS. They have become very serious about study after they are enrolled at SIBS. I can easily know about the school activities and my kidsschool life through email. I like it that it is a small school. Because my kids can receive more care. I am really satisfied. If you ask any student at the school, you will know that they all love the school very much.


---Noah (KG)and Daniel(G2)’s Mom


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