Step 1

Please submit the following documents to the SIBS Admission Office:

· Completed and signed  Application Form.pdf. Pay the application fee RMB 1600.(The fee will not be returned)

· Two recent passport-sized photos of the student

· Copy of inoculation record

· Copy of student’s certificate

· Copies of any reports form previous school (if available)

· Copies of standardized test results (if available)

· Copy of parent’s passport first page and visa page or ID card

· Copy of student’s passport first page and visa page (if available)

· Copy of student’s residence permit for the student (Hu Kou, temporary residence permit or residence permit for foreigner)

Step 2

Applications will be reviewed by the SIBS Admissions Department. Parents/Guardians may be contacted for any missing documents.

Step 3

An interview will be required for every student prior to admission, we will notify the parents/guardians of the student’s interview appointment by phone or email. Both English and Chinese interview will be required to assess his/her Chinese Language proficiency. Parents will be advised of the results of all assessments.

Step 4

After the interview, parents will receive the Acceptance Letter.

Step 5

Should an application be successful, the school will also send an invoice to parents within one week of acceptance.

For more payment details, please contact our Admission Office directly.

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