The Upper Primary grades are comprised of Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 (ages 7 to 12) and offer a curriculum based on the American National Curriculum, but adapted to reflect the internationalism of our students. Upper Primary teachers this year originate from the United States, and Canada, and have many years of experience teaching in international schools. Foreign teachers collaborate with an excellent team of Chinese teachers who lead instruction in Chinese language, Chinese maths, physical education and music, and support the students in everything they do. Our goals are to make education fun and to help all students reach their full potential as learners and as global citizens.

Class teachers use a dynamic approach to develop skills and confidence in the areas of literacy, maths, science, social studies, art and information technology. As necessary, English as a Second Language is also provided. Students are assessed by both the homeroom and ESL teacher shortly after coming to SIBS; these tests allow us to identify and focus on each child’s specific needs. For students whose parents request it, we provide additional high-level Chinese language lessons after school three days a week.

The Scott Foresman scheme is the main resource used for teaching core subjects; however, students are exposed to a wide variety of other material to enhance their learning. These include online programs, videos, songs, games and drama. Lessons are diverse and are planned to cater to the learning styles of all children.Grade 5 students are interested in current events and read articles from newspapers written for children. In order to develop their reading, comprehension and presentation skills, students share their understanding of the articles with their classmates. In Grade 3, maths lessons are reinforced by students performing tasks using a specific online resource. Students enjoy practicing their maths skills this way and it helps the teacher keep track of their progress. Grade 6 students travel to fascinating places and meet all types of characters when studying literature with Mr. Kelly. Their minds are expanded as well as their vocabularies.

All teachers here at SIBS are dedicated to creating a comfortable learning environment allowing students to build the confidence necessary to be socially and academically successful. You are welcome to contact and visit us to see for yourselves the warm and nurturing environment we provide for your children.

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