Who We Are

At SIBS, secondary school’s mission is to provide a nurturing community that empowers young men and women to develop academically, socially, and morally, preparing them for college and for the challenges of living in the 21st century.

As a compliment to our positive learning program, we also have an experienced and dedicated faculty. As a staff, our teaching philosophy ensures that all of our students are seen as individuals and are given opportunities to reach their highest levels. Foreign teachers are selected and trained by Wasatch Academy. They are experienced in motivating students to explore their potentials and cultivating students’ ability in critical and creative thinking. Chinese teachers are educators who have studied abroad and have earned rich experience in teaching.

What We Do

At SIBS, secondary school’s curriculum perfectly integrates the essence of Chinese and American education. Core courses include English Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature, Math, Science, Humanities, Fine Arts, P.E. As students enter high school, they will have more challenging courses such as AP courses, so that they could be better prepared for their colleges and universities.

K3 - Kindergarten

Our K3 program is designed to allow students to develop the academic skills that provide for a proper and smooth transition to the first grade. K3 is a year of highly visible progress in reading and language arts. Each morning the K3 conducts a “Morning Meeting” where as a class the students greet each other in English and read and learn a new short story. Reading is an important life skill that the faculty focuses on at SIBS. Then it’s on to Math, Science and Social Studies. For our K3, 70% of the classes are taught in English by foreign teachers and 30% are taught in Chinese.

How We Do It

Our experienced teachers use teaching methods and philosophies that allow students to make discoveries while learning. This allows the young learners to transfer these important discoveries into knowledge. There is no one formula that will guarantee learning for every student in every context, however there are effective known approaches that have a positive impact on students learning.

At SIBS we have created a supportive learning environment where students feel accepted. Our teachers foster positive relationships with young learners creating the perfect learning environment.

We encourage reflective thought and action. Students need to have time to reflect on what they have learned relate it to what they already know and adapt it for their own purpose. We also emphasize facilitating shared learning. Teachers encourage this by cultivating the class as a learning community where everybody is learning together through groups and partnerships building language and knowledge our student’s need for further learning.

In all, our secondary school is focused on creating the perfect learning environment. This perfect learning environment coupled with our experienced teaching staff provides the sufficient building blocks going into their secondary education and into the future.

What We Offer

The core courses are mainly American secondary school core courses, while elective courses include AP courses and honor courses.

Middle School Courses:

English Literature, Chinese Literature, Math, Science, Humanities, Art (Music, Dance, Drama), PE, etc.

High School Courses:

English Literature, Chinese Literature, Academic English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, American History, Art (Music, Dance, Drama), PE, etc.

AP Courses:

English, American History, World History, Calculus, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Government, Psychology, Environmental Science, etc.

To improve our students’ English proficiency and better equip our students for college application, we offer courses such as ESL, TOEFL, SSAT, SAT, and a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Meeting the graduation requirements, students in this program will not only receive diplomas from both WA and SIBS, they will also be admitted by American colleges and universities under the guidance of professional college counselors..

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