At SIBS, from early childhood to Grade 12, it is the starting point of your child's education journey. SIBS aims to support students to develop skills and strategies that help them achieve success in this fast-changing world, cultivate students to be modest, self-disciplined, sincere and kind, and to be knowledgeable, well-versed in both Chinese and Western cultures. 

At SIBS, through international education, the limitless possibilities of a child's future unfold. Students can receive an international bilingual education here in Beijing, the epicenter of globalization of today's world, with home-court advantage to develop a world view compatible with the Chinese culture and transform ourselves with global perspectives. No matter where SIBS students would land in the future, SIBS students are equipped with the dual-core of mindsets of the East and West, the dual confidence of identity and culture. 

At SIBS, we raise world-class talents, feeding into world-class colleges and universities.