direction_finger_hand_pointer_touch-512.pngTwo decades of sustainable development rooted in the solid and relentless drive for excellence for one unique campus;

direction_finger_hand_pointer_touch-512.pngFounded and operated by educators, stand tall among the nationally renowned Beijing Shunyi cluster of international schools; 

direction_finger_hand_pointer_touch-512.pngBilingual International Education, fostering "dual-core" minds and bi-cultural high-definition global perspectives into the future; 

direction_finger_hand_pointer_touch-512.pngA blissful, different, family-like community school, full of love and learning;


An outstanding faculty team from quality local professional teachers and credentialed experienced educators recruited with highly competitive pay package from mainly Western countries; 

direction_finger_hand_pointer_touch-512.pngStandard-based, Internationally-accredited (AP-approved, IB candidacy), diploma-granting one-stop international school integrating curriculum, standardized test preparation, profile-enhancing activities, career and college counseling solutions;