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  • 2021 . 04 . 13

  • 引导四年级的孩子读懂《山海经》,这所国际学校让我们耳目一新!

    2021 . 04 . 13

  • Principal's Column: "The Ten Thousand Hours Rule" for Success

    2021 . 02 . 17

    Does success depend on genius, opportunity or hard work? This is an eternal life topic. Teachers and parents always tell children that success depends on hard work. People who are gifted and pretentious are always lamenting the lack of opportunity. And what everyone hears most often is that people who come by lament that all the efforts without talent are useless.

  • Words of Head of School: May 4th Youth Day and Global Challenges of Today

    2020 . 05 . 04

  • Welcome letter from the Foreign Principal Director

    2020 . 04 . 08

    We do hope that the SIBS students were able to gain some much needed rest during the summer holiday and also continued to read and strengthen their literacy skills as a form of entertainment and learning. We are going to begin the year with energy, enthusiasm for learning, and a sense of urgency. Our qualified teachers and administration will build upon the good work and solid foundations that SIBS has established in its 20 year history. We will all seek to set a high water mark in the classroom with the delivery of a learning experience that ensures student engagement and the places learning at the forefront of everything we do.

  • Some suggestions from Rainey about how to take a good English reading class

    2020 . 04 . 08

    In an effort to effectively communicate with our families regarding our current successes and student achievement in Elementary Literacy, as well as our plans for further growth and improvement, our Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator, Rainey Mock, will be sharing a series of updates for parents in this and coming newsletters.