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  • Head of School's Column | Working together to deal with the Coronavirus Outbreak

    2020 . 02 . 14

    The sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus is a huge challenge for us, but it is also our collective opportunity. When facing the challenges, our common and wise choice is to allow SIBS to develop a brand-new educational ability from this "crisis" and help SIBS students to train and cultivate the ability to study and survive in the future.

  • Head of School's Column: How We Shall Face the Outbreak

    2020 . 02 . 15

    We’ve been through a special Spring Festival this year. It may be the first time young generations have experienced such a "black swan" event, and this epidemic has profoundly affected our study and life. But as long as we respond positively and maintain a positive attitude, we will be able to turn disadvantages into advantages, and eventually become a different person after the epidemic. So how are we going to do it? My suggestions for the SIBS students are as followed:

  • Head of School's Column | What should we do amidst global pandemic?

    2020 . 02 . 28

    Dear students, This week, we have witnessed the virus outbreak going global, while the situation in China is improving. As businesses and companies are returning to work, we continue to feel the magnitude of the impact of the virus outbreak. We feel compassionate about the loss suffered by the people affected, and we feel inspired by the tens of thousands of medical professionals continuing battling the virus in Wuhan, Hubei, China, and around the world.

  • Head of School's Column: Harsh Reality and Resilient Character

    2020 . 03 . 13

    What happened in the last two days in the world is a game-changer for the COVID-19 global pandemic. COVID-19 is now a third major crisis in the 21st century, along with the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, and the financial collapse of 2008. The COVID-19 easily eclipses the 2003 SARS epidemic, as globally infected patients have now topped 120,000, compared to only 8000 SARS patients over a three-month outbreak. Bill Gates, the billionaire philanthropist, called COVID-19, the once-in-a-century public health challenge. Billions after billions of people are now affected.

  • Some suggestions from Rainey about how to take a good English reading class

    2020 . 04 . 08

    In an effort to effectively communicate with our families regarding our current successes and student achievement in Elementary Literacy, as well as our plans for further growth and improvement, our Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator, Rainey Mock, will be sharing a series of updates for parents in this and coming newsletters.

  • Welcome letter from the Foreign Principal Director

    2020 . 04 . 08

    We do hope that the SIBS students were able to gain some much needed rest during the summer holiday and also continued to read and strengthen their literacy skills as a form of entertainment and learning. We are going to begin the year with energy, enthusiasm for learning, and a sense of urgency. Our qualified teachers and administration will build upon the good work and solid foundations that SIBS has established in its 20 year history. We will all seek to set a high water mark in the classroom with the delivery of a learning experience that ensures student engagement and the places learning at the forefront of everything we do.