As a young students’ organization, SIBS Student Council adheres to the purpose of "serving students wholeheartedly", takes the responsibility of enriching the campus life of the students, and strives to become as a bridge and bond between the school and the students.


SIBS Student Council is composed of the Presidium, Secretary, Finance, and the other four departments (activity department, living department, publicity department, and academic department). The primary responsibilities of each member and department are as follows:



The Presidium is composed of the chairman and the vice-chairman. Their primary responsibilities are to preside over the daily work of the Student Council, such as regular meetings and recruiting new student members, allocates, directs, supervises, and coordinates the work of various departments to ensure that the Student Council works orderly and efficient.



The central role of the Secretary is to cooperate with and assist the Presidium in completing the notification and records of the daily work of the Student Council and the activities of various departments. They are also responsible for keeping archives and documents of the Student Council.



The primary responsibility of the finance department is to cooperate with and assist the Presidium in carrying out the income and expenditure, summary, and material management of the Student Council.


Activity department:

The activity department focuses on creating a good campus culture and sports atmosphere. Through the planning, preparation, and organization of various arts and sports activities, it can enrich students' extra-curricular life and build a platform for students to demonstrate themselves.


Academic department:

The academic department takes assisting campus educational construction as the core work content. Through holding a variety of academic and relevant exploration activities that integrate knowledge and fun, it stimulates students 'interest in learning and researching and enriches students' life.


Living department:

The living department focuses on protecting students' rights and interests. And through actively collecting and integrating opinions and suggestions through various forms such as feedback forms and student proposals, it conducts in-depth communication with students, and feedback issues to relevant school departments to effectively solve problems in school life for students, and works as a bridge between SIBS and the students’ communication.


Publicity department:

The publicity department takes overall responsibility for the daily publicity of the Student Council as its core task. Through the formulation of publicity planning, production of various promotional posters and copywriting, it completes photography video collections and report writing, and the design of cultural products of the Student Council, and improves the campus influence of the Student Council.

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