SIBS Sportsmanship Time:2017-11-29

SIBS G3 - 8 football teams travelled to ISB on Saturday for their first taste of an away game friendly match. The SIBS Tigers were rampant, slaying the Dragons in their own den! All the players were phenomenal and we are very proud each of our teams won their matches. They played the game with passion, finesse, and sportsmanship. Congratulations to both teams for putting on some marvelous games of football. Lots of fantastic goals, and very competitive. 微信图片_20180105152118.jpg微信图片_20180105152114.jpg微信图片_20180105152111.jpg微信图片_20180105152100.jpg微信图片_20180105152138.jpg微信图片_20180105152136.jpg微信图片_20180105152133.jpg微信图片_20180105152131.jpg微信图片_20180105152128.jpg微信图片_20180105152125.jpg微信图片_20180105152123.jpg微信图片_20180105152120.jpg

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