SIBS Newsletter 3


1、Elementary School Open Class

SIBS held a fun-filled English open class for G1-G5 students in August. All the students were attracted by the humorous and lively lessons taught by the foreign teachers. Every child was actively involved in the activity. The teachers separately guided the student's pronunciation and encouraged them for their progress, which arouses their learning interest and enthusiasm. In this open class, parents walked into the classroom, observed the English lessons given by the foreign teachers, and saw the positive performance of the children in the classroom.


2、An interdisciplinary inquiry class of Grade 4

In the fourth grade Chinese class, the Chinese teacher applied an interdisciplinary inquiry teaching style to the students and started to teach their first unit Guan Chao. By using the materials students found online and the cooperation between parents and students, students expanded their scientific knowledge about tides and inspired their learning interests. After completing this lesson, the students wrote study notes, and also recorded their own opinions while accumulating useful words and expressions.


3、Preschool Weekly Activity

This week, SIBS preschool organized an activity about getting to know various jobs in the preschool. As children are growing older, their range of life and interest are also expanding. Not only focusing on the relationship with teachers and children, but also the relationship between children and people who also work in the preschool. During the time, children met them together and discussed their work and help. The children also chose their interesting work and act as a small assistant to experience these tasks. Children felt the joy of work, the pride of serving everyone, and also became a person with a grateful heart.


In order to strengthen the children's self-protection awareness, letting them know that their privacy is inviolable, learning to refuse and defend, the teachers led the children to watch the school sexual assault prevention teaching video. So children directly understand what to do when they encounter such a situation.


4、What is happening to students’math classes in G6-G12?

Math has always been one of the core subjects at SIBS, and teachers had prepared the lesson plans before the new school year started, that's the reason why SIBS students have outstanding performance in MAP math tests.  In the first two weeks, the main topics in the classroom are course introduction, rules and regulations, how to learn and communicate, and review of learned knowledge. Teachers accessed students' level and need these days, and that will be the cornerstone of learning in this school year.

5、MS Physics Experiment

This week, the MS physics lab class did a physical experiment about the impact of quality on the downhill distance of a car. Firstly, students assumed that the heavier the vehicle is, the longer the sliding distance will be.  After that, students and the teacher discussed the experiments in groups, found the variables, and then did the experiment. The students had a clear division of their work and their discussion was very enthusiastic. Finally, they recorded the measured results and listed the datasheets. After the analysis, students concluded and supported the previous assumptions