SIBS Newsletter Week 6


1、After School Activities Open

This week, six months of traffic has been restored due to the completion of Huosha road construction. SIBS is starting a new semester with After School Activities, which includes free classes offered by teachers and various programs in partnership with outside professional organizations. Students can choose according to their own interests and needs, most courses had been signed out once they opened the first day. In terms of curriculum types, it fully demonstrate the international characteristic of SIBS's bilingual and bicultural approach to education. such as:

- sports: golf, tennis, football, baseball, basketball, swimming, boxing and wrestling

- art: Chinese dance and chorus, ukulele, tap dance, animated comics, oil painting, creative crafts and arts and crafts

-stem category: Scratch creative programming and programming enlightenment, amazing scientist series, lego and robotics courses, Go and chess

- homework guidance: English and Chinese homework guidance, reading and writing skills explanation, mathematics special training

- others: cooking, creative light clay and magic, etc.

Through ASA courses, students can not only learn the knowledge they are interested in, but also make like-minded friends. Let's see how they do!


2、MS/HS Clubs have started!

With the world-renowed universities raising their bar for admission, students' social practice ability is more and more valued, in SIBS, the beginning of every academic year of the MS/HS club activities always attract students' eyeballs. In this academic year, club activities will focus on volunteer, cultural and sports activities. In terms of the types of clubs, they are also carefully designed by the teachers, which is very helpful for improving the background and document application, such as:

-Model UN

-Intermediate String Orchestra

-Multimedia Production

-Biology Club

-Art Design

-Math Competition

-3D Models

-Chemistry Club




3、The Secondary School Student Council of SIBS was established

MS/HS Student Council of SIBS was established last week. The Student Council is essentially comprised within four departments: the Department of Academic, the Department of Arts & Sports, the Department of Communications and the Department of Student Welfare. Members of SIBS Student Council include student representatives from Grade 6 to Grade 12. The current president of SIBS Student Council is James Lin from Grade 11, and the vice President is Sally Li from Grade 12. Alice Du (Grade 9) is the treasurer and Jerry Li (Grade 8) is the secretary. The tutors of our Student Council are Principal Nikki Liu, MS/HS teacher Mr. Matthew Lufcy and Miss Maureen Wang. Recently the Student Council will not only organize some activities like the basketball games between teachers and students as well as the Halloween party, but also focus on the needs of students including collecting their ideas and suggestions, and try the best to build a good relationship between the students and our school.


4、Preschool Weekly Event

Through this week's teaching, children learn to group objects into 2 units and count by groups while watching and playing. We also let children visually measure the number through objects, develop children's visual ability and learn to count.

In science class, find friends "magnet" is the children's favorite project, the teacher first used the magnet to make two small magics – a telepathic octopus and a movable puppy, arouse the enthusiasm of the children immediately, after tried in person, the children know the reasons behind the magic, explicates the characteristics of the magnet, and then draw the result of the test or tag on the experiment report.


5、Overview of courses for grades 6-10 

in art and design 

The sixth, seventh, eighth and tenth grade curriculum content are all sketch drawing principle. First of all, the teacher reviewed the types of painting, a brief history of painting, the history of children's painting, as well as the four parts of the classroom exercise of painting. Then, the new course content - sketch painting principles. The course is divided into four chapters: sketch elements, master painting analysis, painting observation methods, and painting classroom exercises. In class, students completed the exercise of silhouette of flowers, and practiced the shape observation method with geometric shapes as the reference in the ASA course, which improved their ability to capture spatial forms.

The 9th grade course is photography foundation. The theme is: "association of paper" and "memory of somebody". During the course, students gave full play to their imagination, explored many details in life, and completed many photography works with both creativity and aesthetic sense of picture form.


6、Mid-Autumn festival themed activities

for grade 1-3 of ES

The theme of this year's Mid-Autumn festival is "poetry under the moon". Students in the class in the organization of the poetry recitation competition, they all scramble for the chance to recite ancient poetry, and together with the Mid-Autumn festival culture and customs of the Mid-Autumn festival. The students also made their own "mooncake production method" pamphlet, completed with bilingual, each one of them are so proud to tell foreign teachers and foreign students the traditional Chinese culture, is this not a kind of cultural transmission?


7、National Holiday Notice

Hereby to notify that the National Holiday of our school will be from September 28th to October 6 th, and students should come back to school on October 7th .