Teeth Adventure

If we just transfer the knowledge to the children in preschool, it is estimated that they will seem to understand it and forget it after school. However, if children are allowed to participate in experiencing the activities themselves, will there be any differences?

I am a small tooth in Kaikai's mouth, and I taste a lot of delicious food every day. Chocolate cakes, macarons, tarts, egg rolls, vegetables, pizza ...  I can also see many exciting things every day through Kai Kai's smiling face. Ah! A giant skeleton, a group of mummies, and even a witch. Through the conversation between Kai Kai and his good friend, I realized that Halloween would be coming.



This morning I tasted a soft cake and delicious corn. After brushing me, many children gathered together. Every day I tried to contaminate my bacteria. Finally, I was protected by my toothbrush and toothpaste. Good job!


Oh? Who is looking at me with a small mirror? Well, I'm not afraid. I'm powerful and healthy. My little master Kaikai cleans me up every day. And Kai Kai is still learning the skills of brushing his teeth. Hey, I think I should be the happiest tooth!


Huh? Kaikai is doing something with his friends.

Let me take a closer look at it, eh. . .

Haha! He's making pumpkin cookies!

With my favorite cashew nuts on them. Should I have a mouthful again? Yay!

Thank you, my little master, for taking good care of me!