Autumn Field Trip


Autumn is coming,

With the cool breeze,

It's time to play with your best friends.

Let's explore the world together,

To discover,

To touch,

To go and feel the autumn in Beijing ...


Children are looking for the shadow of autumn in nature,

Maybe a patch of yellow leaves,

Maybe a piece of dried bark,

Or maybe some little red fruits ...



Every child has a desire for dinosaurs,

Some of them may be on the way

Some of them in your night dream.

Every childhood has a trip about dinosaurs,

Some of them have already started,

Some of them have just arrived.


Such a big world,

High in the sky,

The four seasons are changing,

The leaves are drifting with the wind,

Under the golden sun,

Follow the trail of autumn.

Where is autumn?

Autumn is in the heart of every SIBS child.