Introduction to SIBS Art Curriculum

The art course in SIBS aims to cultivate students' creativity and critical thinking skills, as well as students' independent learning ability. Through the study of Chinese and Western art styles, artists and art history, students can strengthen their understanding of the art world and lay a good foundation for studying abroad in the future. Our rigorous and excellent art courses provide students with a comprehensive and extensive art education, making them fully prepared for applying for world-class art schools.

Students will learn the basics of art and design. Through detailed and creative courses, students will explore and develop their creativity, imagination and problem-solving skills. The purpose of the art course is to ensure that students have a satisfied learning experience, stimulating students' creative self-expression skill and use it as a lifelong ability to appreciate art. Students will learn how to use a variety of media and technologies to make art works. At that time, they will have the opportunity to present their works through the clubs, campus displays and art exhibitions.

Students can learn drawing, painting, mixed media, collage, animation, printmaking, game design, 3D art, murals, and digital art including PS, After Effects, Maya, 3D Max, Unity, etc. These courses will be taught by our professional teachers. The highlight of our art course is that it has added a wealth of project themes, which help students explore various cultural characteristics and concepts, thus, they can get better understanding of local and foreign cultures. The art curriculum embodies the student's school experience and combines theoretical knowledge, artistic creation and exhibition experience.