Introduction to SIBS High School

Juncheng international high school is committed to training future undergraduate students and providing them with college preparatory courses.The international baccalaureate (IBDP) (grades 11-12) and advanced placement (AP) (grades 9-12) courses are selected and combined to form a complementary combination of the two.Juncheng trains students to meet the requirements of overseas universities in English, mathematics, experimental sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts.We aim to enable students to meet the knowledge requirements of standardized English tests such as toefl, SAT and SAT2.Students who can afford it can take advanced placement courses (AP).In addition to studying in regular classes, students can also form the "academic passion" and character cultivation that are crucial to their success and promotion through extracurricular activities.Our extracurricular activities include international and domestic competitions, club activities, community and social labor, and independent scientific research.In addition, juncheng international high school students will also receive guidance from an experienced college team.

In the past 20 years, the university guidance team has successfully helped Chinese secondary school students to apply for the following institutions:Duke university, the university of Virginia, New York university, brandeis university, Boston university, Boston college, Northeastern University, university of Washington, the university of California, Berkeley, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Davis, irvine, and Santa cruz), university of Illinois at urbana-champaign, university of north Carolina at chapel hill, William and Mary college, university of Wisconsin, Madison, lehigh university, tulane university, Smith college, vassar college, university of Sydney, Singapore national university and Chinese university of Hong Kong, etc.