SIBS IBDP Programme

The International Baccalaureate Programme is currently the most valued internationally-recognized high school program in the world. SIBS is currently a candidate school for IBDP and undergoing implementation. SIBS is scheduled to offer IBDP in the next two years. Through IBDP, SIBS is ready to catapult our students into the upper echelon of world-renowned colleges and universities. 

SIBS IBDP Curriculum follows the IBO's IBDP curriculum design: 


Planned IBDP Courses: 

Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature (first language fluency in reading, writing, and speaking)
  • English A Literature: SL & HL

  • Mandarin A Literature: SL & HL

Group 2: Language Acquisition (previous language study required)
  • English B: SL & HL

Group 3: Individuals and Societies
  • History: SL & HL

  • Economics: SL & HL

Group 4: Experimental Sciences
  • Biology: SL & HL

  • Chemistry: SL & HL

  • Physics: SL & HL

  • Computer Science: SL

Group 5: Mathematics
  • Mathematics - Applications & Interpretations: SL & HL

  • Mathematics - Analysis & Approaches: SL & HL

Group 6: Arts
  • Visual Arts: SL & HL

  • Theater: SL

Other IB Courses /Programs offered:
  • Theory of Knowledge

  • Extended Essay

  • Creativity, Activity and Services

* Course offerings vary by year based on enrollment.

SL: Standard Level
HL: Higher Level